Counting Number Recognition Number Sense Comparison Classification Operations and Algebraic Thinking Place Value Enrichment

Math Skills

Counting Games

The ability to count numbers is a basic prerequisite to all further explorations of mathematics. In these games, students discover one-to-one correspondence and learn to associate numbers with both written numerals and spoken number names.

Number Recognition Games

Particularly when a student is just starting-out in mathematics, it is essential that they be able to correctly identify written numerals and connect them with quantities as well as spoken numbers. These games are designed to give children practice identifying numbers presented in a number of different ways.

Number Sense Games

Number sense is an intuitive understanding of numbers, their relative magnitude, and other relationships between them (order, patterns, etc.). These games are designed to build upon a child's innate number sense and lay the foundation for operations and algebraic thinking.

Comparison Games (Greater Than, Less Than, Equal)

A subset of number sense games, these comparisons games are aimed at helping kids strengthen their comprehension of the relative magnitude of different numbers, and also to practice using mathematical symbols such as the greater-than, less-than, and equals signs.

What is MathBRIX?

MathBRIX is an adaptive learning platform designed to help students in grades K-2 visualize and master critical math concepts.

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Classification Games

The ability to process information and think critically is a key component of a child's mathematic success. These games are designed to help build a child's critical thinking and problem-solving skills, classifying different items by attributes and sorting them into categories.

Operations and Algebraic Thinking Games

The ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide are the cornerstone of elementary mathematics. In MathBRIX, kids practice operations using virtual manipulatives (Brix) to solve problems. This approach to solving operations is helpful for a number of reasons: 1) it provides children with visual context for the problems they are solving and 2) it gives them insight into why different algebraic strategies (composing numbers, decomposing numbers, making 10, etc.) actually work.

Place Value Games

When children begin learning numbers 10 and larger, a key concept to understand is how numbers can be broken down into a number of 'places' (e.g. the 'one’s place', 'tens place', 'hundreds place', etc.) and also how these individual places can be added and subtracted somewhat independently. These games are designed not only to provide kid with the opportunity to practice place value concepts, but also to help students visualize the different orders of magnitude.

Math Enrichment Games and Brain Teasers

Unconventional approaches to math often make for very fun and engaging puzzles. Learning to attack the same problem in multiple ways can also be beneficial to a student's growth. The following are a selection of fun games and brain teasers that use math in unexpected ways.

What is MathBRIX?

MathBRIX is an adaptive learning platform designed to help students in grades K-2 visualize and master critical math concepts.

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