The MathBRIX Team


Dr. Elizabeth Schwartz
Founder, CEO, Content Director, Former Assistant Superintendent, Led previous EdTech startup to successful exit
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Tyler Schwartz
COO, Marketing, Award-winning Digital Media Producer
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Jaydev Mahadevan
CTO, Led development teams in Fortune 1000 company and startups
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Dr. Chris L. Nicastro
Strategic Partnerships, Former MO Commissioner Education, Former Superintendent
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Dr. Valri Bieniek
Lead Math Coach, Suburban/Urban Experience, Online Education
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Dr. Tom Giambrone
Math Professor, Buffalo State; Member, CSMP Development Team, Math Activity and Game Design
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Marcia Mellitz
Former President & CEO, Center for Emerging Technologies, Funding Strategy
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Claire Heidema
K-8 Mathematics Specialist, Director of CSMP for 25 years, Professional Development
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Karen Meyer
STEM Educator, Cook County, University of Illinois Extension, Professional Development
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Constance Gully, MBA, CPA
President/CEO, Parents As Teachers, Parent Education
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Dr. Kathy Thornburg
Director of the U of MO Institute, Professional Development, Early Childhood Programs
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Julia Burke
Associate Superintendent, Hazelwood School District, Programs for Special Needs
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Tony Chambers
Applied Behavior Therapist, Special School District, Modifications and Adaptations for Children with Disabilities
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Andrea Terhune
Former VP Enterprise Holdings, Girls Inc. Board President, IT Strategy
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Joan Kelly
Former Group Exec MasterCard, Operations, Technology, Infrastructure Design, Scaling
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Carl Turza
Operational, Technological, Financial, Corporate Positions, Infrastructure Design, Scaling
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