MathBRIX™ Games and Tools

MathBRIX™ is designed as a supplement and enrichment program, that incorporates proven visual language strategies into its overall game design.  As young learners become adept at each game, an adaptive learning component provides follow-on activities that are scaffolded to each student's needs, providing the right level challenge for each little mind.



In Brix, children can use virtual building block to learn counting, pattern recognition, number combinations, compare, illustrating area, perimeter, and understanding multiplication and division.


The Minicomputer, an abacus-like tool, is used to develop mental math. George Papy, a prominent Belgian mathematician in the 1950s, came up with the four square arrangement.  With this tool, young minds are able to perform calculations generally thought beyond the reach of primary school age children.


Venn diagrams

Our Venn diagrams games teach students how to categorize objects by attributes and also how to subitize numbers.


MathBRIX™ also features games in which students group objects by drawing their own strings on the screen, either with a finger or a mouse.


Arrow Roads (Coming Soon)

Arrow roads are an innovative tool for teaching operations. Unlike open number lines, which show only linear relationships between numbers, arrow roads can be used to model many different types of operations, and provide a powerful tool for understanding algebraic expressions.

We expect to introduce arrow roads Fall 2017.

Brix Bonds (Coming soon)

Number bonds are a popular way of teaching operations. This Fall 2017 we'll introduce Brix Bonds that builds on this concept.