Frequently Asked Questions


What is MathBRIX™?

MathBRIX™ is a cloud-based learning platform designed to help young children develop mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Children arrive at solutions by manipulating virtual toy building blocks ('brix') with a click of the mouse or a finger swish across the tablet screen.

MathBRIX is currently for grades K-2, but we will eventually have PreK-8.

For Which Grades is MathBRIX™ intended?

The MathBRIX™system consists of two parts, the student client and the teacher dashboard.

The student client is available on Chromebooks, desktop computers, and laptops (via the web), and also natively on iOS and Android devices.

The teacher dashboard is currently web-only.

Which devices Does MathBRIX™ Support?

Is MathBRIX™ available for Home Use?

Currently, MathBRIX™ is only available for schools. We plan to introduce a home version in early 2018.

Why Is MathBRIX™ Subscription-Only?

Our goal as a company is to provide high-quality and continually-improving education content that keeps kids learning month-after-month.  The best way for us to offer this is via subscription.  Doing so also allows us to avoid using online ads. 

MathBRIX™ is fully COPPA compliant and does not collect any student data beyond what is strictly necessary to allow tracking of student progress. We do not collect personally identifiable student data, and we do not—and will neversell any student information to third parties.

Does MathBRIX collect any private data?