What is MathBRIX?

MathBRIX is a cloud-delivered supplementary math product that develops mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Children manipulate virtual toy bricks with a mouse or a finger swish across the tablet screen. Each brick’s clearly marked studs represent its numerical value, making them an ideal learning vehicle for teaching the four operations, square numbers, fractions, the commutative property of multiplication and proportional reasoning - as well as other concepts thought by many to be beyond young children’s comprehension.

For which age range is MathBRIX intended?

MathBRIX is currently available for K-2, however, both younger and older children enjoy playing the MathBRIX games. Age appropriate activities are in development for preschool children as well as standards-aligned games for grade 3.

What does MathBRIX teach?

MathBRIX is designed to enhance in-school curricula, not replace it. It targets the areas of low performance on the National Assessment of Mathematics and places emphasis on understanding the mathematical process, which is often overlooked during the busy school day. Each level is also aligned with the Common Core and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards and can be synced to weekly in-school instruction.

Why is early math learning important?

Early mathematics achievement is highly predictive of later school success, yet children’s math achievement varies widely at kindergarten entry. MathBRIX's innovative intervention strategies are designed to dramatically increase concept recognition and problem-solving in the crucial early years. In so doing, far less students will stay behind through elementary school or require extensive remediation. The methodology is based on established and emerging research – both in mathematics and educational technology.

How is MathBRIX to be used in a classroom?

MathBRIX games are meant to be used for 15 minutes per day, at least 2 days per week. Students can access the games at school and at home. Many activities require use of compatible bricks (Lego, MegaBloks) from one's own collection. Playing with physical bricks also contributes to children’s spatial reasoning, numerical knowledge, and problem-solving skills. The teachers' guide and parent handouts also explain how to encourage math talk and mathematical thinking during play as well as building on many math ideas contained in children’s books.

How do MathBRIX's adaptive learning mechanics work?

The adaptive learning mechanics provide games appropriate to the skills of the user, rather than by grade level. Although games are benchmarked by standards, several students in a given class may be performing above or below grade level, if appropriate. When students return to game play, the system allows them to continue exactly where they left off.

Are students actually signing onto the Internet?

No. Teachers register students via MathBRIX's management system and print an individual QR code for each student. Students sign in for game play by passing the QR code across their device's camera. A class code is also generated and can be used with devices without cameras. Each individual device automatically syncs with the teacher's class list as students begin another round of game play. Data on usage and performance is tracked and sent to the teacher dashboard.

What is the Teacher Dashboard?

The Teacher Dashboard is an online classroom management tool that enables each teacher to register students and track their progress. Auto-generated reports include performance, usage, time on task, and standards addressed.

Are there any other activities to support MathBRIX?

A number of off-computer activities and suggestions for math centers or home are in development. They will soon be available to all subscribers.

Can special needs students play the MathBRIX games?

The games are primarily visual and require little reading - thus allowing children of all abilities to play and learn. In addition to the adaptive learning component, the product follows the Universal Design for Learning principles such as multiple means of representation and dynamic skill levels, child-friendly level progression and no negative feedback.

Why is MathBRIX subscription only?

Our goal as a company is to provide high-quality and continually-improving education content that keeps kids learning month-after-month. The best way for us to offer this is via subscription. Doing so also allows us to avoid using online ads.

Are any discounts available?

In addition to the discount offered to testing sites, financial incentives will be made to teachers who recruit other classroom participants too! School and district subscriptions are be available at reduced rates.

Does MathBRIX collect any private data?

No. MathBRIX is COPPA-compliant and does not collect any private data on students.

Is MathBRIX available for the home?

A consumer version will be available in 2019.

Can all platforms access MathBRIX?

Currently students can play games on iPads, Chromebooks and the web.

Can students play on traditional computers?

Yes. MathBRIX is available on any computing device that contains the Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge browsers.

Can more than one teacher at the same school participate?

Absolutely! One or all K-2 teachers in a given school may enroll.

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