What is MathBRIX?

MathBRIX is a cloud-delivered, adaptive learning platform that develops mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Many of MathBRIX's activities feature virtual toy building blocks to represent numbers providing a concrete foundataion for understanding relative values.

For which age range is MathBRIX intended?

MathBRIX is currently available for grades K-2.

On which devices can MathBRIX be used?

MathBRIX is compatable with a wide range of devices and can be accessed either via the Internet on a computer's web browser or as a downloadable app. Currently MathBRIX is tested on the Chrome and Firefox browsers. MathBRIX is also available as an iOS app and is downloadable from the Apple App Store.

Is MathBRIX standards aligned?

All MathBRIX activities are aligned with the Common Core and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards.

Why is early math learning important?

Early mathematics achievement is highly predictive of later school success, yet children’s math achievement varies widely at kindergarten entry. MathBRIX's innovative intervention strategies are designed to dramatically increase concept recognition and problem-solving in the crucial early years. In so doing, far less students will stay behind through elementary school or require extensive remediation. The methodology is based on established and emerging research – both in mathematics and educational technology.

How is MathBRIX to be used in a classroom?

MathBRIX was designed to be used for 15 minutes per day, at least 2 days per week and is ideal for a classroom learning centers approach. MathBRIX is also a great solution for practicing math concepts at home.

Can special needs students play the MathBRIX games?

The games are primarily visual and require little reading - thus allowing children of all abilities to play and learn. In addition to the adaptive learning component, the product follows the Universal Design for Learning principles such as multiple means of representation and dynamic skill levels, child-friendly level progression and no negative feedback.

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