Login Options

One of the things that we've discovered while developing MathBRIX is different classrooms each have very specific needs in terms of logins.  To accommodate a wider variety of classrooms we're now providing multiple ways to log into MathBRIX.

QR Codes

QR codes will continue to be the major way that most of our student users log into MathBRIX.  It's the quickest, easiest method of securely logging student onto the platform.
Teacher SetupTo print QR codes, simply open the teacher app, and navigate to Class Admin, and then press the 'Print QR Codes' button in the upper right.


Student Login

Once the QR codes are printed, students simply select the Print QR codes button, and then place the QR code in front of the camera.  On desktop and laptop computers (include Chromebooks) the front camerais on by default, on iPads and other tablets the back camera is on by default.


Authorizing The Camera

When MathBRIX QR codes for the first time on a particular device, it will typically be necessary to give MathBRIX permission to use the device's camera.


Class Code Login

Some classrooms either don't have cameras on their devices, or don't have the ability to authorize use of those cameras.  One possible alternative is Class Codes.
Teacher SetupIn order to use Class Code logins, the first step is to activate it in the Teacher App.  Navigate to Class Admin, and then check 'Enable Class Code Login' in the upper left.  This will display the 9-digit class code.


Next, you must create usernames and passwords for each student.   Select the 'Edit' button at the right end of each student row, and then select a username and password for each student.


Student Login Procedure

Once a username and password has been created for each student, it will now be possible to log in to MathBRIX using these credentials.  Each student will need:

  • 9-Digit Class Code - found in the Teacher App > Class Admin (we suggest writing it on the board)

  • Student's User Name - see Teacher Setup (above)

  • Student's Password - see Teacher Setup (above)


Teacher Login

Finally, we also offer the ability for teachers to log on to MathBRIX using the same email and password they use in the Teacher App.  Teachers can then either play the MathBRIX games themselves (and in any order), or they can also log on students manually.