The CSMP program produced and pioneered the use of “visual languages” called strings, arrows and the minicomputer, as well as Cuisenaire rods. Each of these strategies is used in the MathBRIX adventures and games. Fifty studies over a 20-year period found that CSMP students – in all subgroups – scored statistically better on problem-solving and concept understanding than all others.

To date, the MathBRIX program has been tested in over 100 schools across the country. Data show high levels of student engagement, ease of implementation and promise for learning. Efficacy studies will be conducted over a longer period of time, beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. It is expected that a digital version of the CSMP strategies and methodologies will yield similar or better results.

Source: McREL, (1984) Comprehensive School Mathematics Program, (Final Evaluation Report)

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