Features Overview


In addition to our highly effective suite of games, MathBRIX™ offers a robust set of features that makes it a perfect fit for all elementary classrooms.


Daily Practice

Fifteen-minutes of MathBRIX activities each day help children develop mathematical thinking and problem-solving abilities. As a supplementary program, MathBRIX is ideal for use in classroom centers. The station-rotation model allows students to visit various stations or centers during the allotted time for a specific subject.


Adaptive Learning

Differentiated activities are provided in real time with follow-on experiences based on performance. For example, if a student gets three correct answers in a row, he or she is then directed to more complex problems. If three in a row are incorrect, the next exercises are easier. Students can also return to any of these activities – at anytime -- to improve their overall scores.


Teacher Dashboard

Reports are automatically sent to the teacher dashboard denoting time spent on each activity, points earned, usage patterns and scores. A color-coded matrix will enable teachers to see which students have successfully completed given activities and those who are experiencing difficulty. The data are most helpful in decision-making as they provide a timely and dynamic picture of student performance, preferences and needs.


US and Global Standards Alignment

The Common Core and National Council of Mathematics standards describe the understanding, knowledge, and skills that students should acquire. Five content standards encompass specific expectations for each grade: (1) Number & Operations, (2) Algebra, (3) Geometry, (4) Measurement and (6) Data Analysis & Probability. All 5 content standards will be addressed in the MathBRIX adventures each year, with related activities increasing in difficulty as students grow in confidence, capabilities and conceptual understanding.



MathBRIX works on a wide variety of devices–via the web on Chromebooks, desktop computers, and laptops, and also natively on iOS and Android devices.



When students play MathBRIX games, all progress is automatically saved to the cloud, allowing them to pick-up where they left off when they switch devices.


Single Sign-On

Teachers and students can log on to MathBRIX using their Clever and/or Google accounts.